Metastreet offers a range of expert services for local authorities to aid with the set up and operation of licensing schemes.

how can we help with

Pre-scheme preparation and planning

Preparation of evidence for a new scheme or the renewal of an existing licensing scheme

Expert assessment as to the extent of a licensing scheme that is required by a local authority

Guidance of meaningful consultations for each scheme

Preparation of licensing applications to the Secretary of State for approval (where necessary)

Financial modelling of licensing schemes and estimates of investment required

how can we help with

Scheme setup, operation & management

Advice and practical solutions for processing licence applications (including customer contacts)

Training and development for council staff on Licensing FAQ

Setting up and embedding a sustainable and credible enforcement operational model

Identifying landlords who are breaching licensing conditions

how can we help with

Enforcement, penalty notices & convictions

Targeted enforcement i.e. on the rogue/criminal landlords

Effective criminal evidence collection

Preparing effective legal cases

Issuing financial penalty notices

Strategic advice on dealing with large portfolio criminal landlords

How can we help?

Our experts are experienced industry practioners and consult from first-hand knowledge.

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