Learn below how our smart software can make licensing easier or read about how we use artificial intelligence to focus landlord investigations...

Fully customiseable

White-label and fully customisable

The user-interface is built around the Gov.UK guidelines as well as following design principles to ensure website accessibility, usability, and inclusion. A responsive layout framework is employed to allow the website to work just as well on mobile, tablet and desktop devices. However, all text, branding and URLs can be customised to seamlessly integrate into your existing website.

Out-of-the-box or full integration

Metastreet works completely out of the box with built in address lookup and validation, letter printing and Royal Mail postage integration as well as full credit/debit card collection/refunding and detailed payment reconciliation allowing for a fully-featured and rapid deployment. Individual modules can be replaced with custom integrations including Single-Sign-On (SSO) to more fully integrate with your existing systems and workflow processes.

Full integration

Secure, scalable and cloud hosted

Our modern enterprise standard codebase is based on a fully extensible API architecture and is regularly externally security and load tested. We use continuous integration with unit testing to release updated features on a regular basis and Docker containerisation to facilitate horizontally scaling using Amazon AWS cloud instances. Rest assured, all personal data and files are encrypted when stored, there is full logging for audit purposes and a role based ACL.

Tried and tested question design

Metastreet comes pre-installed with all the licence application, modification and renewal forms and their associated questions that have been designed by practitioners who have delivered the largest scheme in the country. As with most features of Metastreet, the questions can be easily modified to suit local requirements. What’s more, all question answers can be accessed through APIs and CSV export for connecting with other council systems.


Automated licence type identification

Metastreet is not just an online form - it is a full end-to-end licence application, processing, granting workflow engine complete with ElasticSearch® powered public register. Detailed business logic allows for real-time data validation and confirmation, licence type identification as well as non-discretionary licence conditions to be automatically generated for Senior Officer approval. The workflow significantly reduces the application processing time and error rate.

Team management and workload scheduling

Customised tools and dashboards allow managers to monitor the workload of their Processing Officers and the life-cycle status of all licence applications. Tasks are automatically generated when applications or renewals are initiated by landlords as well as with third-party representations or time-based tasks such as with draft licences. When paired with our mobile apps, the resource management extends to internal- and external inspectors undertaking onsite inspections.


Individual and portfolio landlord friendly

Features such as the ability to bulk-upload property details, discount licence fees and combined payment checkout for multiple licences form some of the features that have been designed to help large portfolio landlords or agencies who would otherwise have to repetitively complete individual forms. A user-centric interface makes for a frustration free user experience regardless of the size of the applicant’s portfolio.

Quick installation

A highly stable codebase and experienced integration team means you get a fully functioning, branded and tested application system within weeks of commissioning.

Technical roadmap

We have an ambitious technology roadmap and are regularly deploying new and improved features. Clients’ ideas and requests are actively sought and fed into our roadmap.

Arrange a demo

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